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CTO's Insight: Private LTE network

What is a private LTE (pLTE) network?

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear about private LTE ? Perhaps you think about connectivity. In this exclusive interview with Fabien Petitgrand, CTO of Ubiik Inc., we uncover everything you need to know about private LTE (pLTE) from the definition to what it implies for users and consumers.

What is a private LTE (pLTE) network?

A private network is a network that you own. Owning a network means the operator can decide where there will be coverage, which devices that are allowed to join and which applications that can run the network. There are many positive outcomes from various industries that considerably benefit from private cellular wireless connectivity because it provides logical systems solutions and offers flexibility since it can be used for a variety of both voice and data applications.



Who will benefit from the private LTE (pLTE) network?

Private LTE offers the best value for businesses that need to serve larger areas like airports, warehouses, factories, universities, and cities since it has a higher connection density, gives expanded coverage, and can be segregated from public networks. It does not stop here, pLTE is also useful for agribusiness. This technology can help the farmers to measure crop fields accurately, and give information about farm conditions on a daily basis which can increase the profits and optimize farmers efficiency in each harvest. Moreover, having a private LTE network has significant benefits for utilities like smart meters since it can be customized to meet certain requirements like handling large amounts of data and assisting in reducing energy usage, which improves batteries.



How Ubiik can help?

Ubiik has a lot of expertise on setting up massive wireless networks across Asia. In our network, there are over 300,000 smart meters that send forty million messages daily ranging from basement, dense urban environments as well as rural environments. We also work closely with Taiwan Power Company (TPC) and act as a service provider for three years in a row. This helps us to deliver innovative products with cellular IoT such as LTE-M & NB-IoT that work best in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum. Ubiik's private LTE Network, in contrast to public networks, can address issues with dependability, speed, and coverage because our technology is highly integrated, easy to deploy, and guarantees maximum security and data privacy.

Learn more about private LTE (pLTE) through our miniseries video: “CTO’s Insight” where Fabien Petitgrand, CTO of Ubiik Inc., shares the secret about private LTE networks through years of his experience working in the IoT Solution Provider industry.


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