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It's here! Introducing Ubiik freeRAN™ pLTE Base Station

FreeRAN pLTE Base Station Overview

It's here! Introducing Ubiik freeRAN pLTE Base Station

The evolution of Ubiik’s pLTE base statoins -introducing goRAN and freeRAN at MWC Barcelona 2023

Get To Know Ubiik's Global Partners Ep 03 : Kallipr

Get To Know Ubiik's Global Partners Ep 02 : Easymetering

Hsinchu Office Warming Party

Get To Know Ubiik's Global Partners Ep 01 : Monogoto

Unboxing goRAN Ignition Kit

Ubiik @Distributech 2023

Ubiik Interview at MWC Barcelona 2022

Ubiik @Enlit Europe Day 1

Chinese New Year Greetings 2023🏮🍊

First LTE-M Small Cell: Make your own Standalone or hybrid LTEM network

First NB-IOT Small Cell: Make your own Standalone or hybrid NB-IOT network

CTO's Insight: Private LTE Network

Ubiik AMI's Backend Software at play: Weightless LPWAN Core Network and Head End System

Large Buildings Underground Basement Installation of Ubiik AMI Weightless LPWAN DCU and FAN modules

Can We Automate Manufacturing with Wireless E-Paper?

Ubiik CEO describes Taiwan Power Advanced Metering Infrastructure project won with Weightless LPWAN

Ubiik Weightless LPWAN FAN Communication Modules Installation in Taiwan Power's Electricity Meters

Ubiik CTO explains Weightless LPWAN Data Concentrator Unit Installation experience on TaiPower Pole

NFC ePaper Demo

"Smarter" Smart Lighting enabled by Weightless

Ubiik Advanced Metering Infrastructure Turnkey Solution

Low Power Wide Area Networking for IoT - Weightless Technology

Long Range ePaper with over 1km update range

Smart Metering - Long Range Wireless

RFID E-Paper Tags by ubiik

Ubiik Weightless Starter Kit

LPWAN Technologies: One Size Does Not Fit All

UHF ePaper

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