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Nanogrid Management Solution

Nanogrid Management Solution

How Ubiik EMS works?

Energy Management System architecture


EMS Cloud

Solar Panel



Energy Storage


Participate in electricity wholesale markets

Go green and save electricity bills

Real-time monitoring

of power usage and flows

Interface with 3rd-party VPP (Virtual Power Plant) platforms

Participate in electricity wholesale markets

Ubiik’s smart controller and SaaS platform helps consumers optimize their consumption of renewable energy sources. When consumers have to use grid power, it also minimizes the electricity bill and avoids demand charges.

Our products

Smart controller

Plug and play control box

Wide wireless


AI-driven algorithms

Ubiik’s smart controller is the brain to optimize the power flows within a nanogrid system and to exploit the maximum values from the behind-the-meter battery system for both consumers and grid operators.

Smart controller
Ubiik EMS Cloud

Consider both present and future


decision-making model

Maximize stacking revenue

Traditional battery control algorithms put batteries operating under a single mode at a time to capture a single revenue stream. Ubiik's algorithm captures multiple revenue streams at a time. The solution is optimized to not just consider the current condition to determine which prioritized revenue stream to capture, but also to consider the future to ensure optimal capture of other revenue streams. 


Benefits of our smart controller 

Integrated with industry standard inverters and battery systems 

Wireless coverage up to 1km indoor using unlicensed band spectrum

All decisions made based on AI forecasting and optimization models 

Reduce the payback period of Solar + Battery by 


Ways to develop nanogrid system


Solar + Battery

Fully Net Zero

For customers who want to have backup power and exploit the most value from its battery investment, Ubiik’s EMS collects and analyzes power usage data, and instructs the battery system into charging whenever the cheapest power is available from the grid, while still maintaining optimal backup power for outages.

  • Arbitrage from dynamic electricity rates

  • Enhance energy security

  • Participate in power wholesale market or ancillary services

See how it works


Office and manufacturing building

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Solar 45kWp, Battery 30kW/48kWh 

Solar self-consumption, TOU arbitrage, peak shaving

Hostel with EV charger

Yilan, Taiwan

Solar 19kWp, Battery 24kW/30kWh Solar self-consumption, TOU arbitrage, peak shaving, backup power

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