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Connected ePaper

This smart signage product provides a low maintenance display system improving the efficiency of your business. Whether you are a semiconductor fabrication facility in need of electronic runcards or a retail store in need of electronic shelf labels, Ubiik’s system can help.

We provide ultra-low power IoT ePaper displays with long range wireless capabilities and a cloud management system. Eliminate the wasted time managing assets by paper and replace them all with a fully automated data management architecture. 


/ Housing: 6'' hardware casing

/ Material: Polycarbonate
/ Device size: 150 x 120 x 20mm
/ Color: Pure white (RAL9010)

lily mockup.png

/ Battery: 4 x AAA (4 x 800=3200mAh) / replaceable
/ Battery life 2 years: (12 updates per day)
/ Low battery notification: ~3 months battery life warning
Temperature range: Operating 0°C to 40°C

Temperature range: Storage -25°C to 70°C

/ Humidity range:  38% to 70% (relative humidity)


/ Operation frequency: 915MHz (U.S.), 868MHz (EU)
/ Frequency: FDMA+TDMA in 12.5kHz narrow band
/ Wireless Protocol: Weightless™ LPWAN
/ Encryption: AES-128
/ Transmit power: up to 14dBm
/ Data rate: 625bps to 100kbps
/ Update time: (1) Latency time (4 sec) 
                        (2) Data transfer time (4 sec) 
                        (3) Display update time (3 sec)

Display Features

/ Display

Black and white

/ Size


/ Active area

88.320 x 119.232mm

/ Resolution

480 x 648, 138dpi

/ Number of user
  content templates


/ Number of
  display regions


/ Reflectance (white)

 >30 (typ. 35)

/ Viewing angle


Can we automate manufacturing with wireless ePaper?

Long range ePaper with over 1km update range

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