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​Cloud Platform

As a vertical solution provider, Ubiik offers customers a very flexible approach towards the utilization of Ubiik’s IoT platforms. Our cloud platform supports anything from large-scale AMI deployments to single site microgrid projects,
and even small Proof-of-Concept (PoC) projects. Using Weightless™ connectivity, you have the option to license partial or full functionalities of our platform according to your needs. We have market-proven backend and frontend products in the AMI and energy management industries. You can also leverage various APIs to develop your own custom applications. IoT platforms can be deployed on the cloud or on-site upon customer’s requests.

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Ubiik IoT Platform Service

Ubiik offers backend and frontend of platforms in the AMI and energy management fields. Ubiik also offers data visualization services, APIs for integrating metering data into existing customer’s applications, and underlying cloud services for analytics. As a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provider, Ubiik can provide customized applications in a number of fields.
If Weightless™ connectivity is utilized as part of your vertical solution, Ubiik Weightless™ Base Station Controller (BSC) service provides highly reliable and stable network management to ensure network performance. 

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Deploy a full

platform including

Ubiik BSC backend and frontend solutions



Leverage Ubiik BSC

and backend by using Ubiik APIs to interface with

your own applications



Deploy the Weightless™ BSC service only. The BSC offers a gRPC API for you to interface with your own applications

Customized Frontend

/ Ubiik provides customized frontend with our backend platform to meet
  customers' requirements.

Head-end System (HES) with BSC

/ Receives and processes streams of meter data from AMI.

/ Performs first-layer meter data validation.

/ Stores and manages meter data.

/ Provides facilities for pushing data to or pulling data from other

  utility applications.
/ Monitors and maintains AMI network connectivity.
Supports IEC 62056 (DLMS/COSEM) and IEC 61968-9 to ensure 

  interoperability between metering systems and MDM

Energy Management System (EMS) with BSC

/ Receives and processes streams of meter data, battery data,

   and smart home data.

/ Provides load management, battery management, PV forecasting

   and microgrid optimization via add-on function modules.

/ Supports the OpenADR 2.0 protocol for supporting automatic

   demand response applications.

For Proof-of-Concept Projects

Before moving to large-scale deployments, you may want to trial with Weightless™ through smaller-scale projects with Ubiik tools and services. We fully support such smaller Proof-of-Concept (PoC) projects and encourage our customers to verify the benefits of our technologies early on before committing to larger projects.

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Ubiik's SDK Cloud Platform

/ Receive a 60-day free license with the purchase of each Starter Kit.
/ Send HEX downlink commands or firmware to end devices.
/ Monitor end device and base station connections as well as 

  uplink/downlink traffic.

/ Remotely configure or update base station settings or firmware.

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Ubiik AMI's Backend Software at play:
Weightless™ LPWAN Core Network and Head End System

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