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Ubiik wins Best Start-Up Award presented by IEEE

Santa Clara, CA, USA

December 18, 2020


Ubiik won the 2019 Best Start-Up award presented by IEEE Young Professionals of Santa Clara Valley, IEEE SCV Consumer Electronics Society, IEEE SCV Vehicular Technology Society and Plug and Play.

The pitch contest event placed an emphasis on IoT, AI/Robotics/Autonomous Vehicles, AR/VR, IOT, Smart Manufacturing and Connectivity.

Ubiik shared its success stories using a NEW long range, low-power wireless technology called Weightless LPWAN. A single network in Taiwan already connects over 70,000 smart electricity meters using Weightless. Based on the performance and cost competitiveness of Ubiik's solution, Ubiik has signed another contract to connect an additional 210,000 meters.

Weightless LPWAN has proven to be the most reliable, scalable and cost effective for large scale IoT deployments. Weightless separates itself from the competition when connecting a large amount of end-devices that send as frequently as every 1-15 mins.

Acclaimed Speakers, Judges and Mentors included

Joseph Wei, Managing Director, Technology Ventures Group

Bill Reichert, Managing Director, Garage Tech Ventures

Kelly Chen, Partner, DCVC

Steph Rhee, Venture Investor, Playground Global

Kurt Peterson, Band of Angels

Jordan Cooper, VP of Marketing, CRATUS

Swati Chaturvedi, CEO, Propel(x)

Rex Chen, Director of Engineering, Intel

Avery Lu, Co-founder, CMO and Managing Director of Investments, ActionSpot Startup Studio

Frederick Dopfel, Senior Associate, Grishin Robotics

Rodrigo Tomaz, Application Engineer, Bosch

Joseph Fong, Director of Sales, Lexy Pacific Corp

Vicki Guan, Engineering Manager, Bird

Mojtaba Sharif Zadeh, Founder and President, AI Technologies

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