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Ubiik wins award for Greentech Startup Challenge for its Energy Management System

Taipei, Taiwan

November 30, 2022


Ubiik’s Product Manager, Boya Shi (first one from the right), and other award winners.

Ubiik has won the Greentech Startup Challenge managed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for its energy management system (EMS). To achieve net zero and raise sustainability awareness, the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan held its first Greentech Startup Challenge to encourage collaboration between Greentech and corporations. Ubiik provides solutions for Ritek Corporation by combining artificial intelligence with the energy management system to reach optimal contract capacity while ameliorating the traditional energy management system.

Ritek pointed out a few challenges they’re facing while developing a more sustainable future, including: exceeding their contract capacity due to the production of the factory between the off-season and peak season; severe losses in operation due to the outmoded electrical grid that caused frequent power outages; and the inability to utilize green power as solar energy and externally purchased green power can’t align with the load curve.

Ubiik breaks through the difficulties for Ritek through a comprehensive observation and understanding of the field. First of all, in response to the problem of exceeding capacity in enterprises, Ubiik’s EMS accurately predicts solar power’s generation and load, and establishes an AI model to control energy storage batteries in advance to shave peaks, further avoid exceeding the electricity consumption; then, in order to ensure a stable power supply, the user interface can set the backup power to ensure that there is enough in the battery without experiencing power outages; finally, the solar energy and load can be accurately predicted through EMS, which assists users in maximizing the use of solar energy, and satisfies the needs of large factories in Ritek to increase the RE value overall.

Taiwan aims to achieve a net zero emission by 2050 in the face of the global energy crisis caused by factors such as extreme climate, geopolitics, and the increasing demand in electric vehicles. Although manufacturers were actively investing in the energy management system after the power trading platform was established, green energy companies are experiencing difficulties in practicing them because of the imperfect policies of the system.

In the American and Japanese power markets, for instance, enterprises and households are able to establish a stable power by using solar energy, which not only decreases the dependency on the load system, but as well benefits from the auxiliary services by stabilizing the power apply, further develop a more complete and stable national grid while creating each of their own microgrid. With that being said, Ubiik is expecting to build a more sustainable future for Tawan by advancing its energy management system.

Starting from establishing wireless communication technology to the field of energy management, Ubiik vision continues to help optimize power consumption, increase RE value, and bring EMS to the international market.

Ubiik will be exhibiting at Enlite Europe from November 29th to December 1st in Frankfurt, Germany, we welcome all users who are interested in EMS to visit us and have a more comprehensive understanding of our solutions.

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