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Ubiik goRAN Ignition Kit is now available interfaced with Monogoto's cloud core platform

Los Angeles, CA, USA

September 20, 2022

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Ubiik Inc. (Ubiik), a global provider of private and hybrid LTE solutions, today announced a collaboration with Monogoto, a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for cellular IoT. Ubiik is launching goRAN Ignition Kits, leveraging the world's first Release 15 Cellular IoT (LTE-M/NB-IoT) Base Station for private and hybrid LTE networks, along with Monogoto's cloud based solution. The kits will enable enterprises and service providers to quickly and easily deploy cellular IoT solutions in the field, entirely managed and provisioned from the Cloud.

The goRAN Ignition Kits include everything needed to get started with deploying a complete LTE-M/NB-IoT network:
- Ubiik's goRAN: fully-integrated LTE-M/NB-IOT Radio Access Network in a Base Station form-factor, with a flexible software-defined radio architecture supporting all FDD and TDD bands from 400MHz to 2.6GHz (e.g. 410/450MHz B31/72/87, Anterix's B8, Ligado's 1.6GHz B24)

- Monogoto's cloud-based platform: secure cloud-native Core Network as well as provisioning and management interface

- User Equipments: evaluation end devices with LTE-M communication modules and fitted with Monogoto's private LTE SIMs pre-provisioned in the Core Network

"We've been collaborating with Monogoto for more than a year on a solution that will revolutionize the Cellular IoT industry," said Fabien Petitgrand, CTO of Ubiik. "This is a great way for our customers to get started with deploying zero-configuration LTE-M/NB-IoT networks."

Ubiik goRAN is a full-software Release 15 Radio Access Network (RAN) designed for private networks. It supports multi-carrier standalone NB-IoT, standalone LTE-M in 1.4MHz and 3MHz bandwidth, as well as LTE Cat-1 and Cat-1bis up to 5MHz bandwidth. It can also support voice applications via VoLTE both for LTE-M and Cat-1. With its LTE Cat-1 and Ethernet backhaul options, it can operate either as an eNodeB connecting securely to an external Evolved Packet Core (EPC) or as an all-in-one Access Point with built-in EPC and integrated Home Subscriber Server (HSS). An external HSS can also be interfaced over 3GPP's S6a standard interface.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Ubiik to offer our cloud-based platform, enabling plug-and-play deployment of private LTE networks at any scale," said Maor Efrati, CTO of Monogoto. "We see the benefits from the cloud for private and hybrid LTE networks, and we are excited to offer it alongside Ubiik's goRAN.

Visit Ubiik and Monogoto at MWC Las Vegas 2022 September 28-30, 2022, at the Las Vegas convention center. Ubiik goRAN Ignition Kits will be showcased live at booth W2.1144 and Monogoto, at booth W1.728.

About Monogoto

Monogoto is the first ever private-public cellular cloud - Enabling public and private seamless connectivity for any project with global connectivity alongside private LTE/5G networks. Monogoto provides global Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity using powerful APIs that enable enterprises and developers to design, build, manage, control and scale their IoT applications quickly and securely. Enterprises use the Monogoto platform to connect and control cellular-based sensors and devices, such as point of sales, ATMs, wearables, smart lights, fleets of cars and packages, and leverage its APIs to provide enhanced flexibility and capabilities like cybersecurity, procurement, and IT management.

Visit Monogoto online at 

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