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Electricity Canada Welcomes Ubiik, Provider of Private LTE Solutions for Utilities

Vancouver, BC, Canada

September 7, 2023


Ubiik, a leading provider of private LTE (pLTE) solutions for utilities, has joined Electricity Canada with the aim of contributing to Canada’s clean energy future through developments in wireless connectivity. Ubiik will collaborate with Electricity Canada’s members and partners to deliver pLTE networks for utilities in Canada, using its innovative goRAN™ LTE Base Station and LTE-M end devices that support the 1.8GHz, 900MHz, and 1.4GHz spectrum.

“We’re looking forward to working with Electricity Canada’s members and partners to build resilient pLTE networks to support utility operations,” said Tienhaw (TH) Peng, Ubiik’s Founder and CEO. “Developing a pLTE ecosystem with our goRAN™ LTE Base Station and LTE-M end devices will open up opportunities for connectivity across 1.8GHz, 900MHz, and 1.4GHz spectrums.”

As the national voice of the electricity industry in Canada, Electricity Canada advocates on behalf of its members and partners for policies and programs that enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of the industry, as well as the promotion of innovation and best practices.

Ubiik’s pLTE solutions enable utilities to deploy secure, reliable, and scalable wireless networks for smart grid applications such as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), Distribution Automation (DA) and distributed energy resources (DER). With the ability to be quickly deployed on existing utility infrastructure, including poles and rooftops, Ubiik’s ruggedized goRAN™ LTE Base Station provides wide-area coverage and high-capacity connectivity.

“Our LTE-M end devices are low-power and long-range devices that can be integrated with a wide range of smart meters, sensors, and controllers for bidirectional communication and remote management,” says TH Peng. “Through continuing to develop pLTE base stations and devices across a range of frequency bands, Ubiik aims to facilitate an easier route to grid visibility and control for utilities.”

About Electricity Canada

Electricity Canada currently represents 41 members and 90 corporate partners, which include integrated electrical utilities, independent power producers, transmission and distribution companies, power marketers, system operators, technology vendors and service providers.

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