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Paul Reid

SVP of Global Sales and Marketing

Paul Reid has 30 years of experience in the development of professional communications equipment. Having spent 15 years at Tait Communications as a Senior Engineer, Paul specialized in receiver and modem design in digital radio within Tait's Advanced Technology Division.


Paul's keen interest in innovative communication technologies led him to Mimomax where he spent five years in the position of Principal RF Engineer, responsible for RF Engineering and Manufacturing. Subsequently, Paul shifted into more sales-based, customer-facing positions - initially as Mimomax's Director of Technical Sales, followed by a position of General Manager of Mimomax’s North American operations before taking on the role of CEO in 2020.

Following Ubiik's acquisition of Mimomax in 2023, Paul was appointed to two roles - the President of Ubiik Mimomax and the Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Ubiik.

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