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Weightless™ Outdoor
Base Station
Asset 1_4x.png
Base Station Outdoor

This weatherproof Weightless™ Base Station Outdoor creates a low-power,
wide area network (LPWAN) suitable for IoT devices. Data collected by the outdoor base station is sent through a backhaul Ethernet or LTE network
to the backend.


/ On-board Weightless™ protocol stack
/ Dimensions: 254.4 x 254.4 x 83.4mm
/ Weight: 3.4kg
/ IP rating: IP67, suitable for outdoor deployment

/ Backhaul interface: Ethernet, LTE Cat-4
/ Environmentally friendly, RoHS compliant
/ Giteki, FCC, CE compliant
/ Dual core ARM® Cortex®-A9 @ 667MHz running Linux

Antenna length 20cm
Antenna gain 0.5dBi


Antenna length 46cm
Antenna gain 3.5dBi


/ Power supply: DC: 12V, 1A
/ Uplink data rate: 100/50/12.5/6.25kbps single channel
  or 10/5/1.25/0.625kbps with 8 sub-channels

/ Downlink data rate: 100/50/12.5/6.25kbps
/ Memory: 1GB DDR3 SDRAM
/ Operating temperature: -30°C ~ +60°C
/ Storage temperature: -30°C ~ +70°C
/ Humidity: 5%-95%


/ Operating frequencies: Weightless™ 840-870MHz, 902-928MHz
                                        Ethernet 2.4000GHz-2.4835GHz
                                        LTE Cat
-4 band 1/3/5/7/8/28

/ Sensitivity: -129dBm @ 0.625kbps
/ Transmit power: adjustable up to 28dBm

/ PSK/GMSK modulation

Ubiik CTO explains Weightless™ LPWAN data concentrator unit installation experience on
Taipower Pole

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