Meet the LPWAN Technology Designed for Serious IoT Projects

Taiwan Power Company awards Ubiik US$19.2Mn to further build out the Weightless LPWA Network to connect an additional 310,000 Smart Electricity Meters 

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What is Weightless™ LPWAN? 

Weightless is a bi-directional, low-power wireless technology that can connect thousands of devices to a single base station over multiple kilometers.

Why Customers Choose Weightless?

Higher Throughput

- Adjustable data rates from

625 bps to 100 kbps


- Acknowledged Messaging

- Synchronous Network (TDMA)


- More devices supported per single base station

Own The Network

- Network Under Your Control

- Flexible Operation: unlicensed  ISM frequencies and licensed

- i.e 433/470/780/868/915/923 MHz


- Uplink

- Downlink

- Firmware Over The Air

- System Control


- Use Less / Do More

- 12.5kHz channels



Download Latest Whitepaper

This Guidehouse Insights white paper provides a high-level technical evaluation of several low power wide area (LPWA) networking protocols increasingly considered for AMI systems. It also compares these newer options with the most commonly deployed legacy wireless protocols: unlicensed radio frequency (RF) mesh systems and proprietary broadband point-to-multipoint (P2MP) systems relying on licensed spectrum.