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Ubiik wins US$8Mn AMI tender to deploy Taiwan’s largest LPWAN network

Taipei, Taiwan

July 9, 2018


Ubiik Inc., the global leader in high-performance industrial Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) solutions today announced that it has won an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) tender in Taiwan.

Based on this tender, Ubiik will deploy its Weightless™ communication suite (Data Concentrator Units, metering FAN modules) and Head-End System Software (HES) to manage the data collection and transmission of 70,000 electricity meters.

The deployment is mandated by the sole electricity provider of Taiwan. It will be completed by early 2019 in New Taipei City in the northern part of Taiwan as well as in the second-largest city of the island, Kaohsiung, in the southern part. Ubiik will provide 6 years of operation and maintenance service of the data collection network.

The fulfillment of this tender is part of the 260,000 new smart electricity meters that are planned to be connected in total by early 2019 as the first step in Taiwan’s ambitious smart grid initiative. Ubiik is one of the 4 companies awarded this project, the other winners of the tenders being large Telecom Operators and prominent System Integrators.

Ubiik is especially relevant to the overall tender because it is the only one leveraging a LPWAN technology (the open standard Weightless™), while its peers sourced existing hybrid technologies (wired and short range mesh RF), or proprietary mid-range wireless technologies. Ubiik’s total solution came as a compelling cost-competitive offering thanks to the advantages of its world leading LPWAN technology: spectrally efficient, high-capacity, high-reliability, and truly bi-directional wireless networking.

Starting from the mid 2010’s, Taiwan and its government have launched a grand mission to transform its energy-production and management landscape from a nuclear and carbon-dominated power generation scheme to a gas and renewable energy scheme.

The aggressive plan consists in installing 3 million smart meters by 2024 and
12 million more in the next decade. Taiwan energy transformation relies on Taiwan’s electricity provider enacting an AMI for its electricity meters deployed from now on. AMI is regarded as a key to enhancing the efficiency of the power grid, the analytics enabled help the island balance its supply and demand, therefore the country can save precious energy.

“Ubiik is honored to have been awarded this tender’s project, using our vertical AMI solution including the HES, Weightless™ connectivity, and DLMS/COSEM protocol stack. We are eager to support Taiwan’s energy infrastructure development towards a greener future” said Tien-haw Peng, founder and CEO of Ubiik.

With the experience of this world-class initiative, Ubiik is poised to continue scaling its groundbreaking solutions globally within the metering industry and in other stringent industrial applications.

About Weightless™ SIG

The Weightless™ SIG is a non-profit global standards organization based in Cambridge, UK, formed to coordinate the activities needed to deliver and promote the world's high-performance Industrial IoT connectivity technology, Weightless™. Ubiik is one of its board members.

Main Product Features

/ 5 years of battery life (2 x replaceable coin cell batteries)
/ Ultra low power Electronic Ink ePaper Screen
/ Ultra low power industrial-grade Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) “Weightless™” Connected over 2km update outdoor city range, over 400m indoor range
/ Light Infrastructure of Indoor/Outdoor dedicated “Weightless™ LPWAN” gateways
/ Updates images in a few seconds:100kbps update speed thanks to / Weightless LPWAN strong
/ Downlink Seamless integration in any Software Management System
/ Applications can be on the cloud or on local server

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