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/ Multi-modal Communications
One size does not fit all
Integrating hybrid networks

Depending on deployment field situations, or customer requirements, Ubiik’s IoT solutions provide multiple connectivity technologies to connect end devices to the cloud.

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For example, Ubiik provides end-to-end energy monitoring solutions using LTE Cat-1 and NB-IoT technologies in the Japanese market. Here, LTE technologies are preferred by our customers. We help them monitor power consumption of their
end devices country-wide. Our NB-IoT/LTE Cat-1 dual module is integrated with our partners’ meter products. This provides our customers with an all-in-one smart meter for transmitting data through existing public LTE networks all the way to our cloud based meter data management platform.

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In Taiwan, Ubiik has deployed NB-IoT connectivity for scattered AMI smart meters in rural areas as well. In situations where end devices are deployed at low densities
(for instance, in rural areas), it may not be economical to install a Weightless™ base station to cover a small amount of meters or end devices. In this case, NB-IoT can be a good cost effective alternative to Weightless™. These account for around 5% of the total number of meters deployed.

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