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Ubiik launches its revolutionary LTE-M Base Station freeRAN™, FCC certified for the US 915MHz license-exempt band

Santa Clara, CA, USA

June 5, 2023

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Ubiik, a leading AMI and end-to-end LTE solution provider, is proud to announce the launch of freeRAN™, an LTE-M base station that is set to revolutionize the landscape of wireless connectivity for utilities, and other industries. With a base station operating in the US 915MHz license-exempt band (also known as ISM band 902-928MHz), this new product release will empower businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of connectivity without the existing cost barrier of securing spectrum. By leveraging the unlicensed band, utilities can now achieve mass connectivity without the need for substantial financial investments in spectrum acquisition.

Incorporating a full software 3GPP Release 15 Radio Access Network (RAN) optimized for standalone 4G LTE-M within a 3MHz bandwidth, freeRAN™ represents a significant leap forward in communication infrastructure. The freeRAN™ base station also supports advanced Release 14 & 15 features (e.g., non-IP data delivery, eDRX/PSM, early data transfer) and is therefore optimized for deployments of private LTE networks.

Offering the ability to seamlessly connect existing FCC certified end devices supporting 3GPP Band 8, freeRAN™ paves the way for advanced connectivity for utilities, agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, smart cities and more. The downlink operates in 925-928MHz while end devices have the full 902-915MHz range for operation, in accordance with 3GPP Band 8.

“The introduction of freeRAN™ demonstrates Ubiik’s unparalleled dedication to bring innovations which benefit our customers,” said Fabien Petitgrand, CTO of Ubiik. “Operating LTE-M in license-exempt bands offers a perfect complement to our private, licensed band solutions, allowing customers to best serve their communications needs depending on quality-of-service, criticality, and cost considerations.”

Key features and benefits of freeRAN™ include:

  • Secure Network: By leveraging 3GPP based LTE-M technology, freeRAN™ delivers superior security for critical infrastructure connectivity compared to other proprietary communication technologies.

  • Cost-Effective: By leveraging the unlicensed band, freeRAN™ offers a cost-effective alternative by eliminating the spectrum license fees and reducing the burden of operating expenses.

  • Wide Coverage: Operating on the US 915MHz unlicensed band, freeRAN™ provides extensive coverage, enabling seamless connectivity even in remote or challenging environments. The superior spectral efficiency and power control features of 3GPP technologies ensure LTE-M makes the best use of the spectrum by optimizing throughput and mitigating interference in the band.

  • Scalable and Flexible: With its full-software architecture, freeRAN™ is highly scalable and adaptable, accommodating the evolving needs of customers across a range of industries. The Evolved Packet Core (EPC) can be internal for a single base station deployment, or external to connect multiple freeRAN™‘s as the network grows. LTE Cat-1 backhaul in addition to Ethernet allows for the most diverse deployment scenarios.

  • Power efficient: Optimized by design for 3MHz, freeRAN™ consumes a fraction of the power of a traditional base station, allowing the use of Power-over-Ethernet to promote ease of installation and even enable 100% solar-powered sites.

"Ubiik is thrilled to introduce freeRAN™, a leading-edge LTE-M base station that will redefine IoT connectivity for utilities and industries," said Tienhaw Peng, founder and CEO of Ubiik. "With freeRAN™, we aim to empower utilities and businesses to unlock the full potential of private LTE, enabling enhanced operational efficiencies and innovation, and, ultimately, the ability to deliver superior services to their customers."

Where to find out more:

Ubiik invites journalists, utilities, and industry experts to attend the official launch of freeRAN™ at UTC Telecom & Technology 2023, held from June 5-9 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.To schedule an interview, request more information, or obtain a media kit, please contact 

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