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How to Operate Cost-Effective Private LTE Networks in Band 103 upper 700MHz A block

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The most cost-effective way to deploy a private LTE network in Band 103 is by fully utilizing the spectrum available. This can be done through a hybrid network that integrates both narrowband radios and NB-IoT technologies like Ubiik’s goRAN™ LTE base station. The first FCC-certified solution for Band 103.

With a hybrid network you can leverage the strengths of each technology to meet the specific needs of different endpoints. Narrowband radios, such as the Ubiik Mimomax radios, are utilized for mission-critical applications that demand high throughput and low latency. These radios are well-suited for mission-critical applications like voice backhaul. Conversely, NB-IoT is ideal for applications requiring broader coverage and connectivity, particularly for battery-operated sensors and meters.

The hybrid model allows these two technologies to coexist within the same 1 MHz bandwidth in Band 103, which is configured as FDD (Frequency Division Duplexing) with equal uplink and downlink capacities. This setup eliminates the need for large guard bands typically required between different types of radio technologies, thus optimizing the use of available spectrum.

Another strength of the hybrid network lies in its flexibility. A hybrid network can be adjusted based on varying capacity needs or changing use cases. For instance, as demand for NB-IoT connectivity increases, it is possible to gradually reduce the number of narrowband channels to make room for more NB-IoT channels without significant overhaul of the network infrastructure.

goRAN™ is the first FCC-certified solution for Band 103, which means it complies to all relevant 3GPP standards. To explore the benefits of goRAN™ and a hybrid private LTE network for your specific use case, contact our sales team. Let us help you optimize your operations with the power of private LTE.


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