Bidirectional / FOTA

Weightless supports Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) and ensures reliable, two-way communication between base station and nodes.

3 Must Have Features

for reliable bi-directional communication

  1. Synchronous Network

  2. Paging Capability 

  3. Scheduled Radio Resources

Yes, you heard right. Weightless is a 

Synchronous Network

Organised, synchronous networking means every device and base station knows exactly when to talk and when to listen. This is identical to our reliable cellular networks that our cell phones depend on. Without it, high collision rates will occur. Worth mentioning, LoRa and Sigfox are NOT synchronous networks.  


A base station can have absolute control over its network and page end devices at any time. Other technologies have end devices that are unreachable until the device wakes up for uplink transmission. Weightless supports both network originated and device originated traffic with paging capacity. Multiple paging sub-channels with low latency in both uplink and downlink reduces reception time and also reducing battery drain. 

Scheduled Radio Resources

When millions of devices are sending data, a Weightless base station will be able to tell each device the exact timing and channel to utilize in order to avoid collisions and ensure the successful delivery of your important data. 


Weightless vs. LoRaWAN vs. Sigfox

Does your current LPWAN technology have these "must-have" features to allow reliable two-way communication between end devices and base station(s)? Without these features, high collision rates and lost data packets are inevitable in the real world. Weightless-P is aimed at filling the voids created by other LPWAN technology limitations.

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