Smart Meters

Weightless LPWAN is the wireless solution to reliably connect Smart Meters 

Smart Metering Overview

Automated smart meter readings and control is a high-value application highly sought after by electricity companies worldwide to enable instant meter data collection, reduce the error of human reading, improve the efficiency of the billing process and optimise smart grid power allocation. Utility companies serve a huge number of households and are responsible for the provision of detailed resource accounting. PLC and other wired solutions are most common meter data transmission method used. Since 2010, Asian countries like Japan have been steadily deploying hybrid smart meter pilots which use a combination of PLC and wireless technologies like Wi-SUN.


There has been a steady growth of pilots using various LPWAN technologies for AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure). Yet as utility companies continue to put forth more demanding requirements, not all LPWAN technologies are able to meet these new requirements. At the most basic level,  one-way transmission (uplink oriented) is supported by the vast majority of LPWAN. In some countries, AMI systems require very infrequent data transmission (once a day) and very low data rate transmission. In other cases, AMI tenders have continually increased demand for higher data rates, higher reliability, lower latencies, and bi-directional communication. Weightless™ has proven itself an RELIABLE wireless connectivity solution for electricity meters.  

Weightless™ Solution

Technology Brief 

Weightless is a LPWAN technology rapidly growing in adoption. Narrow band modulation scheme offers bidirectional communication capacity to enable unrivalled quality of service (QoS) required for large smart meter deployments. 


Weightless was designed for more demanding utility applications that entail HIGH density of end devices, more frequent uplinks/downlinks, and long range. Weightless can operate in sub-GHz licensed as well as sub-GHz unlicensed frequencies (ISM bands). 

Weightless Smart Meter Solution Supports DLMS/COSEM Communication Protocol 

  • IEC 62056-4-7:2014 DLMS/COSEM transport layer for IP networks

  • IEC 62056-5-3: 2017 DLMS/COSEM application layer

  • IEC 62056-53 2006

  • DLMS UA 1000-1 Ed. 10.0, 2010

  • DLMS UA 1000-2 Ed. 7.0, 2009




Data Concentrator



DCU front short antenna.png



Meter +

Weightless Module



Meters to Data Concentrator

  1. Frequent meter transmission (i.e readings every 5-15 minutes)

  2. During power outages, module can manage to send a notice and the last readings

  3. Daily registrations: meters can register with the network and send all event data within few hours at high success rate

DCU front short antenna.png


Data Concentrator to Meters

  1. Key Exchanges

  2. Single Meter Control and Reconfiguration

  3. Multiple Meter Control and Reconfiguration

  4. Firmware-Over-The-Air

  5. Control from cloud

    • Set HDLC frame data limitation

    • Establish Firewall

    • Request meter readings and full data logs on-demand


  1. End-to-End Security

  2. Encrypted Packets (AES128)


Deploy a bi-directional smart metering data management network

 Gather Big Data

Gather big data from households regarding usage behaviour

Demand Side Mgmt.

Enable Demand-side Management (DSM) / Demand-side Response mechanisms.

Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency, transparency of data, and system reliability

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