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An Inside Look: Weightless Starter Kit

Ubiik CTO Fabien Petitgrand and Clement Dieudonne present the Weightless Starter Kit offering. The kit provides a “plug and play” hardware experience along with a multitude of user-friendly software tools, demo applications and more. The Weightless Starter Kit has allowed users to experience the distinguishing technical features of the high performance LPWAN technology: Weightless (formerly known as ‘Weightless-P’).

Unboxing the Weightless Starter Kit reveals a base station and two end device evaluation boards with all required accessories to allow immediate testing (antennas, micro USB to USB cables, etc). All hardware is inclusive of the Weightless full protocol stack and demonstration software tools. Users can instantly view Weightless network uplinks, send downlinks and perform basic configuration using the free trial of Ubiik Cloud or an offline configuration tool downloadable onto any PC. In addition, an ‘EVB GUI’ tool can be used to register and send AT commands directly to the end device evaluation boards. Users have full access to RSSI, temperature, and humidity java application downloads and their respective sample codes.

Ready to unleash IoT potential with Weightless? Order The Kit Today!


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