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Weightless LPWAN Hardware Officially Shipping

Weightless Technology (formerly known as ‘Weightless-P’) establishes itself as the LPWAN performance leader as hardware ships to partners globally

Cambridge, UK - September 22, 2017 - The Weightless SIG today announced their ecosystem partner, Ubiik, is officially shipping Weightless hardware. The offering includes base stations, end device modules and full software to allow immediate testing, evaluation and development. It has already been shipped to pre-order customers in 20 countries over 5 continents.

In an initiative reflecting the strong market traction and the group’s recognition of Weightless-P as the Weightless SIG’s core focus, the technology has been renamed as simply “Weightless”.

William Webb, CEO of the Weightless SIG commented “We set out from the start to promote the world’s best open standard LPWAN technology. With Weightless-P we have realised this goal.” adding “We are exclusively advocating the technology, now branded simply as ‘Weightless”.

Weightless technology has been aimed to address a clear LPWAN market need for reliable downlink, synchronised networking and acknowledged transmission. Reliable downlink has been an integral missing piece in the sub-GHz IoT LPWAN ecosystem. The lack of downlink has stunted the growth of many use-cases as adopters have become more conscious of the value to natively support on-demand queries to end device, system control, firmware-over-the-air, and more.

Tien-Haw Peng, CEO of Ubiik Inc, the Weightless SIG member leading the implementation of Weightless, explains, “This is a proud and defining moment for our company and the Weightless SIG. My gratitude is extended to all our loyal partners around the world for patiently waiting for us to complete development of the Weightless technology. Our partners’ critical need for a bi-directional LPWAN has served to bolster our team’s determination to bring this technology to life and make it available to the world.”

Ubiik is committed to technology support. Also, based on specific industry partners requests, Ubiik is in the process of releasing a number of key Weightless-powered innovative IoT products including GPS tracker and a Weightless e-Paper signage.

Weightless looks forward to further healthy growth as partners have pushed forward in creating innovative applications and unveiled aggressive deployment plans. The Weightless family warmly welcomes all IoT companies, enthusiasts, and at-home makers to learn more about the Weightless technology.

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