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Breakthrough RFID (NFC/UHF) ePaper Paves Way for High Adoption Rate in Industrial 4.0 Sector

RFID tags equipped with ePaper screens are replacing the tens of thousands of paper labels printed daily in cyclical warehouse and factory work flows.

Ubiik, a company operating out of Taiwan, has managed to implement advancements to the well-established concept of RFID E-Paper. In effect, distinguished factories and warehouses all over Asia have been quick to adopt Ubiik’s solution to increase efficiency and transparency for their operations.

RFID E-Paper solutions seen in the past require new wireless infrastructure (a proprietary reader or gateway) in order to transmit the larger packet sizes required to update an E-Paper displays. Ubiik has made the successful effort to build its RFID E-Paper solution using only existing wireless infrastructure, like UHF (Ultra-high frequency) RFID which is found in almost all industrial settings. Yet, it is common knowledge that UHF is not efficient in wirelessly transmitting a large amount of data. Therefore, updating a single fully-graphic, E-Paper display via UHF could take upwards of one minute. Ubiik has been able to speed up the image update time to just under 3 seconds; an acceptable mark for rapid adoption by factories and warehouses.

At sites with RFID E-Paper workflows, employees aim UHF handheld readers at the crates, boxes, and shelving equipped with RFID E-Paper. At the press of a button, the traditional UHF readers wirelessly transmit to the RFID E-Paper tags within 1 meter proximity. The displays begin flashing as updated information like time, date, destination and barcodes appear on screen. E-Paper requires only a tiny amount of energy to operate which translate to 5-10 years of battery life using off-the-shelf coin-cell batteries.

Ubiik has also launched NFC E-Paper as an alternative solution to UHF E-Paper. Display updates are instantaneously executed by simply using any off-the-shelf NFC reader or android smartphone to tap the NFC E-paper.

Companies who have already acquired Ubiik’s RFID E-Paper able to quantify powerful ROI figures solely based on paper costs, increased efficiency, and decreased labeling errors. The RFID tags also provide a means of real-time tracking.

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