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Ubiik Launches Weightless-P Kit

LPWAN tech takes giant leap forward

Ubiik Inc. today announced that it has launched hardware and SDKs for highly anticipated Weightless-P LPWAN technology at Embedded World 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany. By addressing all the technical problems of current LPWAN technologies, Weightless-P technology is fundamentally changing the face of LPWAN connectivity and bringing fresh impetus to the IoT industry.

Weightless-P is the technology defined by the Weightless SIG open standards body. Since the release of the Weightless-P Specification in Dec 2015 interest and expectation from the global IoT community has built significantly due to increasing recognition of non-trivial problems with current solutions.

Weightless-P’s robust coding scheme and spectral efficiency enables significant competitive advantage over alternative LPWAN technologies; adaptive data rate, adaptive transmit power, scheduled uplink/downlink, paging and over-the-air firmware upgrades through multicast. These features translate to real world benefits including higher network capacity, superior QoS, better security and higher network performance.

Fabien Petitgrand, Ubiik CTO and one of the key architects of the Weightless-P standard, commented “From the beginning it was obvious that ultra high network capacity, a robust coding scheme and FOTA (firmware-over-the-air) were must-have features” adding “it is equally clear that current alternative technologies are unable to support most of these prerequisites”.

Aside from compelling competitive advantage, Weightless-P is the only open standard LPWAN technology available. Professor William Webb, CEO of the Weightless SIG, commented “History has taught us that ultimately only open standards prevail” adding that “there are no other LPWAN standards in licence exempt spectrum, none.” Well known spread spectrum technologies are proprietary and dependent on IP owned by a single chip vendor.

Tien-haw Peng, Founder and CEO of Ubiik continued, “The Weightless-P hardware and SDKs launched today are our first products supporting the global LPWAN market waiting for robust technologies and an open standard" adding "by leading the development and commercialisation of Weightless-P technology, Ubiik and our Weightless partners are enabling a new wave of innovation on technologies and products that will unleash the full potential of the IoT."

We believe that open standards and robust technologies are the keys to unleashing the full potential of the IoT”, and “by leading the development and commercialisation of Weightless-P, we are enabling a new wave of products simply not possible with existing LPWAN technology.

The Ubiik team members along with members of the Weightless SIG are exhibiting Weightless-P base stations and end device modules for IoT solutions requiring high capacity, long range, years of battery life and true bi-directional communication.

Embedded World 2017 attendees can visit Ubiik at the show (Hall 3 booth 638), or find more information online at or

Weightless Ignition Packs are available for pre-order now priced at USD$1295. Please contact Jay Wey for further information: jay (at)

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