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RFID E-PAPER - update wirelessly via NFC and UHF


CREATE paperless working environments for all types of industries. RFID E-Paper screens are updated wirelessly via NFC or UHF RFID technologies. RFID E-Paper is the perfect solution to replace all paper in cyclical labelling work flows and is a reliable means of tracking. Companies have calculated powerful ROI figures for RFID E-Paper based on saved paper costs, decreased errors, increased efficiency and ability to track assets.

UPDATE wirelessly using proven, reliable RFID technologies: NFC and UHF. Use off-the-shelf NFC/UHF readers to transfer any customisable image to be displayed on the tag’s fully graphic E-Paper screen

TRACK assets effortlessly. Records can be kept of when & where tags are updated. Ground personnel can also scan barcodes displayed on the tag’s E-paper screen upon departure and arrival.

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