Meet the LPWAN Technology Designed for Serious IoT Projects

Weightless is a narrowband low power, wide area network (LPWAN) technology achieving long range, low power, massive scalability and firmware-over-the-air (FOTA).


Capacity and Scalabilty

  • FDMA+TDMA in 12.5kHz narrow band channels offer optimal capacity for uplink-dominated traffic from a very large number of devices with moderate payload sizes

  • Operates over the whole range of license-exempt sub-GHz ISM/SRD bands for global deployment: 169/433/470/780/868/915/923MHz

  • Flexible channel assignment for frequency re-use in large-scale deployments

  • Adaptive data rate from 625bps to 100kbps to optimise radio resource usage depending on device link quality

  • Transmit power control for both downlink and uplink to reduce interference and maximize network capacity

  • Time-synchronised base stations for efficient radio resource scheduling and utilisation



  • Supports both network-originated and device-originated traffic

  • Paging capability

  • Low latency in both uplink and downlink

  • Fast network acquisition

  • Forward Error Correction (FEC)

  • Automatic Retransmission Request (ARQ)

  • Adaptive Channel Coding (ACC)

  • Handover

  • Roaming

  • Cell re-selection



  • WIDE area coverage with one of the industry leading link budgets

  • Lower data rates with channel coding provide similar link budget to other LPWAN technologies

  • +4km in crowded urban environment

  • Suitable for both public and private networks



  • Fully acknowledged communications

  • Auto-retransmission upon failure

  • Frequency and time synchronisation

  • Supports narrowband channels (12.5KHz) with frequency hopping for robustness to multi-path and narrowband interference

  • Channel coding

  • Supports licensed spectrum operation

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Robust Coding Scheme

  • Forward error correction (FEC) or channel coding used for controlling errors in data transmission over unreliable or noisy communication channels.

  • Convolutional Coding

  • Acknowledgement and Retransmission


Ultra-Low Power

  • PSK/GMSK modulation for optimal power amplifier efficiency

  • Interference-immune offset-QPSK modulation using Spread Spectrum for improved link quality in busy radio environments

  • Transmit power up to 14dBm to allow operation from coin cell batteries

  • Adaptive transmit power and data rate to maximise battery-life

  • <4uA sleep mode 



  • Authentication to the network

  • AES-128/256 encryption

  • Radio resource management and scheduling across the overall network to ensure quality-of-service to all devices

  • Support for over-the-air firmware upgrade and security key negotiation or replacement

  • Fast network acquisition and frequency/time synchronisation


Simple / Low Cost

  • Using standard PSK/GMSK modulation channels ensures broad availability of hardware and no dependency on a single vendor

  • Much leaner and optimised protocol ensures reduced system complexity and cost compared to cellular M2M or forthcoming NB-IOT

  • Limited additional complexity to enable quasi-symmetric bidirectional communication

  • Transmit Power: adjustable up to +14 dBm high efficiency PA

Open Standard

  • Brings the reliability and performance of cellular technologies at a fraction of the cost by avoiding any legacy or backward-compatibility concerns

  • Ensures interoperability between the manufacturers

  • Provides for multivendor support to stimulate ongoing innovation and minimise end user costs

  • Royalty free IP minimises production costs


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The kit provides a “plug and play” hardware experience along with a multitude of user-friendly software tools, demo applications and more.  

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