Real-Time Location System 

Precision tracking of personnel, assets,and vehicles


6-10m accuracy

Bluetooth, Beacons, WiFi

1-5m accuracy

ubiik: 10 - 20 cm accuracy

Demo Kit


- Employee Monitoring

- Safety


- Collision Avoidance

- Vehicle Utilization 


- Asset Tracking

- Tool Location


The ANCHOR provides measurement of distances to tags in order to calculate their exact coordinates. 


TDOA MODE (time difference of arrival):

Anchors receive short data packets (blinks) from tags and then transmit the packet arrival data to the server. The server determines the tag coordinates using the trilateration method based on the (TDoA). At least three anchors are required for 2D measurements and at least 4 anchors for 3D measurements.

TOF MODE (time-of-flight):

A Two-way packet exchange between  tag and anchor takes place. The signal flight time method provides more accurate positioning compared to the TDoA method but decreases tag density in a single network and is more battery consuming. At least 3 anchors  must be within the line-of-sight range the tag(s).

Personnel Tracker