Gas Sensors

Weightless LPWAN is the wireless solution to reliably connect Gas Sensors


All over the world, factories, industrial and commercial buildings, refineries, power plants, airports, mines, treatment complexes and many other types of facilities manage processes depending on potentially hazardous airborne substances. These hazards are typically associated with risk of toxicity and/or explosion ; the timely detection of gaseous leaks is a critical part of the safety mechanisms integral to all plants.


Frequently the safety protocols are necessarily ad hoc, periodical, infrequent, discrete and siloed due to two primary drivers: (i) lack of an integrated and holistic networked  system and (ii) lack of appropriate sensors that are accurate, low cost, sensitive, low power, small and flexible enough to address the needs of diverse industries.


Ubiik Weightless LPWAN technology has been combined with leading edge bacteriophage sensor technology to create a groundbreaking gas sensing solution that addresses all current plant safety management issues. It uniquely achieves this through its intrinsically high performance.




Today’s industrial sensor technologies typically fall into two categories; laser spectroscopy equipment costing hundreds of thousands of dollars at the high end of the performance spectrum and metal oxide semiconductor sensors at the lower end for tens of dollars. For certain types of parameter sensors costing tens of thousands of dollars are available but these still do not offer the specificity and sensitivity available from higher end equipment. This leads to an inevitable compromise. High end, high cost, high sensitivity, high specificity equipment cannot be deployed across a facility in an autonomous networked environment. And low end, low cost, low sensitivity, low specificity equipment cannot offer the performance required to satisfy the safety brief.



The sweet spot is high sensitivity, high specificity, low cost, low power, small and networkable sensors which have until now not been available. It is the combination of these types of sensors and high performance Ubiik Weightless technology that definitively makes this possible.


Ubiik and the bacteriophage sensor maker partnering with Ubiik propositions offer an unprecedented combination of revolutionary industrial sensing and leading edge LPWAN technology that shifts the paradigm. Low cost and low power are key prerequisites in a plant wide deployment. Both the bio sensor and the LPWAN tech provide for optimum cost, battery life and performance characteristics. For the first time plants can be equipped with a comprehensive gas sensor safety equipment network never before possible.


A bacteriophage and Weightless LPWAN technology combination is perfectly complementary. Both synergistically contribute to the provision of unmatched gas safety sensing performance in industrial environments. The technology enables a large number of sensors to be deployed over a wide area, each communicating reliably on a frequent interval.


Ubiik Weightless LPWAN offers high capacity, high QoS, high security, low energy, reliable network connectivity specifically developed to address the high performance requirements of the industrial market. There is no other industrial wireless IoT connectivity technology that comes close to matching Weightless capability.


Weightless’ synchronised network ensures spectral efficiency in that every uplink transmission (the output from a gas sensor) is scheduled to avoid collisions with other transmissions. In short, when uplink transmissions are managed by the network to avoid data packet collisions then theoretical network capacity is achieved. This also translates to network reliability. A high degree of confidence that a communication from the sensor will reach the gateway is critical in a safety oriented use case. Weightless offers this next level performance by virtue of the combination of spectral efficiency and advanced protocol.


In an unsynchronised network technology such as LoRaWAN it is not possible to schedule uplink transmissions from a remote sensor network. The consequence is that data collisions will degrade network performance, ultimately to a critical level. Even straightforward uplink transmission driven use cases may require higher data rate and acknowledgement. LoRaWAN cannot support either. NB-IoT public network & subscription model do not please industrial plants and in many cases will always be sub-optimal when compared to a dedicated private network architecture. In many situations industrials wish to retain the data within their own assets. 2.4GHz technologies do not provide sufficient range in the challenging RF environment found inside industrial plants.


Ubiik Weightless offers best in class data rate, a prerequisite in high performance, high reliability safety critical systems. Such gas sensors require more than 50 byte of data to be sent to the cloud every few minutes, and 100% of uplink transmissions - each a potential safety critical event driven trigger -must be acknowledged by the network. This level of QoS is simply not possible with LoRaWAN.


Ubiik Weightless offers comprehensive downlink transmission capability to enable actuators to respond locally to events according to a preconfigured, holistic and network intelligence driven protocol. No other private LPWAN technology provides the system developer with this level of control.


Ubiik Weightless enables fast, efficient and system transparent firmware updates over the air. Broadcast, multicast and narrowcast updates requiring live upgrades to a sensor network are possible without affecting the ongoing performance meaning zero downtime. Weightless uniquely enables uplink transmissions to continue unaffected by FOTA updates with zero loss of uplink data. This contrasts with LoRaWAN where no uplink transmissions are possible during a downlink session which can only be carried with end devices in a high power, always on and non-battery compatible, Class 3, use mode.


Ubiik Weightless is simply the only LPWAN technology capable of delivering the performance required to support a comprehensive industrial sensor network application.

Weightless™ Solution

Technology Brief 

Weightless is a LPWAN technology rapidly growing in adoption. Narrow band modulation scheme offers bidirectional communication capacity to enable unrivalled quality of service (QoS) required for gas sensors.


Weightless was designed for more demanding applications that entail HIGH density of end devices, more frequent uplinks/downlinks, and long range. Weightless can operate in sub-GHz licensed as well as sub-GHz unlicensed frequencies (ISM bands). 




Base Station






Gas Sensor +

Weightless Module



Deploy a bi-directional gas meter data management network

 Gather Big Data

Gather big data and observe trends for predictive maintenance

Demand Side Mgmt.

On-Demand Readings

Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency, transparency of data, and system reliability

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