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In May 2018, Ubiik passed a 12-month selection process for the Nationalized Taiwan Power Company (TPC or Taipower) towards providing AMI communication systems for smart meters. This makes Ubiik one of only five qualified manufacturers and the only Startup to provide national scale AMI services in Taiwan. 

In early July 2018, Ubiik won additional Taipower tenders to expand its AMI network to 70,000 smart meter systems in Xinbei city and Kaohsiung City starting from early 2019. Ubiik’s infrastructure is made up of three components, namely: smart meter End Devices (ED), Data Concentrator Units (DCU) and a Head End System (HES). Among all existing solution providers for Taipower, Ubiik is the only company adopting innovative LPWAN solutions and technology. 

In the next six years, Ubiik will continue to participate in bidding towards expanding its Taipower smart meter communication infrastructure and expects to provide communication access to 3 million smart meters. Ubiik is fast closing the gap and expanding its AMI solutions across the global market.

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