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Base Station


Indoor Base Station

A Brief Overview of Ubiik’s Indoor Base

Station creates a low-power, long range

network (LPWAN) suitable for IoT devices.


Outdoor Base Station

A Brief Overview of Ubiik’s weatherproof, Weightless™ Data Concentrator Unit. This unit creates a low-power, wide area network (LPWAN) suitable for IoT devices. Data collected by the Data Concentrator Unit can be transferred to the backend via ethernet or LTE Cat 1.


Ubiik Starter Kit


Weightless Technology


EVB-Evaluation Board


Weightless Connected ePaper


Weightless Starter Kit Cloud API Development

Users can reference the sample code in this manual to develop their application that interfaces with the Weightless Base Station (BS). In this manual, GPS application will be shown as an example.


Weightless Starter Kit Java
Sample Code

This guide provides a quick set of Java sample code to start you on your journey with Weightless. This code can help you with managing your connections, parsing and sending messages and receiving responses from your Weightless system.