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Ubiik’s Energy Management System (EMS) is an integrated vertical solution leveraging Ubiik’s own connectivity and cloud platform, to monitor and dispatch customer’s power loads and distributed energy resources (DERs) to constantly bring values to the customer. 

With Ubiik’s Energy Management System (EMS) deployed, it simultaneously delivers cost savings, energy security, additional revenue stream,

and sustainability.

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Taipower Solutions
Customer Value

Customers can have the option to deploy EMS solution

with multiple scenarios:

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Load Management

For customers want to have basic load management, Ubiik’s EMS can help them monitor energy consumption in real-time, with remote control of major appliances to reduce peak demand charges.

In areas where demand response program is available, it also help customers generate additional revenue by automatically or manually reducing load when grid system needs to.

/ Optimize power usage (bill)
/ Participate in demand response market 


Smart Battery Management

For customers want to have power back-up and exploit the most value from its battery investment, Ubiik’s EMS collects and analyzes power usage data, and selectively runs the battery’s charging phase whenever the cheapest power is available from the grid, while still maintaining just enough storage level to backup

power outages. 

/ Arbitrage from dynamic electricity rate

/ Enhance energy security 

/ Participate in ancillary service market 

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For customers with both PV and battery installed, Ubiik’s EMS leverages its AI-based solar forecasting technology to optimize charging schedule of battery, to ensure PV generation can be self-consumed to the maximum extent possible. Whenever excess PV generation is leftover, Ubiik’s EMS also smartly turns it into additional revenue stream through ancillary service participation.


/ Maximize PV self-consumption

/ Participate in ancillary service market 

/ Enhance energy security

Unlocking Net Zero

With complete deployment of Ubiik’s EMS, customer can optimize everything to help community reach Net Zero Emission goal. It not only brings sustainability, but also enhances the way your energy functions within the grid system for normal daily operation. 

Utility Value
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Ubiik’s VPP platform enables EMS customers to access the ancillary service market, but it also brings value to

local utilities:


/ Defer distribution network CapEx

/ Mitigate transmission congestion issue

/ Ensure capacity/resource adequacy

We look forward to speaking to you!

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