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The Evaluation Board (EVB) is most simple & efficient way to test and evaluate the Weightless

End Device Module.  The End Device Module is

a Low-Power Long Range module with a full Weightless protocol stack up to the AT command interface. The AT command interface offers

rapid time to market. With UART & GPIO interfaces, the EVB allows users to quickly program settings,

add sensors, and create prototypes.


/ On-board Weightless™ protocol stack
/ AT command interface over UART
/ Dimension/Weight: 65 x 55 mm/ 18g
/ Environmentally friendly, RoHS compliant
/ Giteki, FCC, CE compliant
/ Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) over UART
/ ARM® Cortex®-M3@40MHz running Free RTOS
/ 256kB Flash / 32kB RAM


/ USB port operating voltage: 5V
/ Battery port operating voltage: 1.8V to 5.5V (Type. 3V)
/ Temperature range: Operating: -10ºC ~ 50ºC;
                                   Storage: -20ºC ~ 60ºC

/ Low-power consumption
/ with PSK/GMSK modulation
/ High-performance low-power ARM® Cortex®-M3

   running at 40 MHz

RF/Analog Features

/ Low-Power Long Range Transceiver operating in the
  868/915/923MHz frequency bands
/ High Receiver Sensitivity: -120dBm@ 6.25Kbps
/ Transmit Power: Adjustable up to 13dBm, optionally PA

  version output power up to 26dBm 
/ PSK/GMSK modulation