Ubiik’s smart signage and asset tracking solutions provide a low maintenance display system improving the efficiency of your business. Whether you are a retail store in need of electronic shelf labels or a semiconductor fabrication facility in need of electronic runcards, Ubiik’s system provides ultra-low power IoT E-Paper displays with long range wireless capabilities and a cloud management system.  Eliminate the wasted time managing assets by paper and replace it all with a fully automated data management architecture. 

ePaper architecture
Supporting Automation in
Semiconductor Fabs

The Problem with Existing Solutions

In the case where process steps need to change, there is a significant cost from errors related with incorrect labelling or changes in the paper booklet of work instructions. These errors or changes also then require a series of corrective actions to reprint and redistribute updated instructions. Paper versions of work instructions may also result, to some extent,


Our Solution

To improve efficiency and reduce errors, our Semiconductor customers work with Ubiik to replace paper with large size ePaper displays. These displays connect wirelessly via Weightless LPWAN. Our Weightless base stations provide coverage over the whole production area with very few actual hotspots. These can then connect to the Fab. MES via the Cloud. Our ePaper is optimized for display visibility and power savings. The roaming capabilities also allow for flexible use by increasing mobility across rooms, floors,
and buildings.

Elements of Solution
lily mockup.png

ePaper Display

Electronic paper (e-paper) are display devices that mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Unlike conventional backlit flat panel displays that emit light, electronic paper displays reflect light like paper and can be viewed from almost every viewing angle. Ubiik provides battery-operated E-paper Displays with wireless connectivity utilizing a long-range wireless protocol called Weightless. You can now deploy hundreds or thousands of Displays across a factory or shop floor and across buildings and centrally manage them all.

Indoor Base Station

A base station acts as an intermediate data aggregator for the E-Paper Displays on the Shopfloor. The base stations reduce complexity at the communication module end to achieve an excellent cost to performance ratio. Relatively few base stations can be deployed to support a very large number of displays. 

cloud screen mockup 1 black.png

Backend & Cloud Management Services

Base stations interconnect with a backhaul ethernet

or cellular network. Typically, the use of this network is negotiated by an existing telecom provider. Ubiik’s solution of using a single base station aggregating data from thousands of field devices offsets cost here significantly. A backhaul systems provide secure, AES128 encrypted communication and interconnect to Head End Systems (HES) that provides a series of portable and scalable microservices to provide reliable processing and packaging of up-to-date and timely information for customers to manage their Displays. The backend allows a factory’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or a retail outlet’s inventory management tools to interface with the core E-paper Display network. An interface and API service at the backend (for example, Highspeed SECS/GEM Message Service (HSMS)) facilitates this.

Is Our Solution Right for You?

Do you have a significant management overhead    for your shop displays or factory instructions?

Understanding your application and your needs is our priority. We can provide solutions in a wide variety of circumstances. But to start off, below are some questions to help you decide whether our solutions are right for you.

Do you spend a lot of time replacing paper            displays or batteries?

Our displays have a long battery life in the years time spans. Displays can be updated remotely through a single management platform.

Do you need to change displays or instructions

  to employees often?

Our displays provide a customizable balance between number of updates and display

battery life.

Do you want to transition to a more         

  "green" solution?

Our solution provides an alternative to paper and can reduce this kind of waste.

Do you work in a clean room environment?

Our solution can reduce the particulate waste generated from paper to provide a better clean room environment.

We look forward to speaking to you!

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