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Ubiik’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution helps utilities collect the data from meters or field devices. Getting data from thousands to millions of devices deployed across a city, and analyzing the data are bricks building the foundation of many smart grid applications. AMI helps utilities monitor users’ electricity, gas or water usage, as well as quality, to allow them to make informed decisions that can help to maintain grid stability and improve grid resilience. It can also help utilities’ customers improve energy efficiency and sustainability.  


We provide total AMI solutions to meet your needs at any scale, from community level all the way to national level deployments.

Smart meter

Base Station 


Field Area Network

Cloud Data Management Services

Smart Meter


Ubiik works with a wide range of smart meter vendors
to integrate wireless communication technologies.
For instance, Ubiik’s work for the Taiwan Power Company (TPC or Taipower) AMI project involves integrating Weightless™ RF communication into existing meters,
from various vendors, across Taiwan. Whether meters follow IEC (Europe), ANSI (America), CNS (Taiwan), JIS (Japan) or other standards, Ubiik has the experience and is ready to meet wireless integration and metering requirements for AMI.  

Supporting Taiwan’s
National Electricity Grid

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Taipower, a state-owned power company, provides electricity throughout Taiwan. They intend to deploy more than 6 million smart meters by 2030. In 2016, a newly elected government moved to adopt policies to rapidly increase efficiency in the grid, including the deployment of AMI.
The utility’s goals include bidirectional smart meter data management networks, collection of household usage data, support for demand-side management and demand response programs, and improved efficiency, data transparency, and system reliability.

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Uses licensed bands for public utilities (839-847 MHz)
in Taiwan

Meter load profile readings are provided every
15 minutes.

Additional readings of power quality-related data are provided hourly.

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A summary

is sent daily

at midnight.

Meter data payloads are fully DLMS/COSEM compliant.

On-demand reading and FOTA are required.

Ubiik, as the leading AMI vendor in Taiwan, has been awarded tender contracts for three consecutive years (2018, 2019, 2020) towards the deployment of network infrastructure and Head End Systems (HES) for 715,000 smart meters across Taiwan.

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/ More than 95% of deployed meters use Weightless™ communication,

  the remaining use LTE technologies.

/ Market-proven coverage in extreme conditions (e.g. dense urban and    
  basement environments).

Large buildings underground basement installation of Ubiik AMI Weightless™ LPWAN DCU and FAN modules

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Ubiik’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Technology

Let us know your needs

We are always here to help deliver the best solution for your projects. You are welcome to contact us to further discuss your needs.

/ In which utility type are you finding AMI solutions for? (electricity/water/gas)?

/ Which components of AMI are you looking for? (meters/connectivity/HES/MDMS)

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