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Ubiik is an IoT solution provider.


Ubiik is the industry leader of Weightless™, the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology.

Ubiik manufacturers and sells volume Weightless end device modules and Weightless base stations to system integration partners globally to develop their own custom solutions.


Partners can also outsource the whole product development cycle to Ubiik. Everything from PCB layout, mechanical design, firmware, to device casing can be facilitated by Ubiik.


Ubiik has leveraged Weightless to produce a tender-winning, wireless AMI solution. Ubiik’s AMI connectivity solution is “meter-manufacturer agnostic” and “MDMS agnostic”. Ubiik along with strategic partners will continue to enter AMI related tenders and RFPs (request for proposals).


Other Ubiik verticals powered by Weightless LPWAN technology include ePaper signage and GPS trackers.


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