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About Ubiik

We are building tools and infrastructure aimed at creating a smarter and more sustainable world. 

Ubiik Inc. is a fast-growing international Startup that is developing technology related to Innovative IoT (Internet of Things) products.

we focus on the research and development of long-distance, low-power network (LPWAN) communication systems. At present, Ubiik is the world’s leading manufacturer of devices using the Weightless™ LPWAN open standard for industrial and national scale long-range IoT solutions. Ubiik provides the foundational protocols, software, end devices, and base stations for implementing IoT networks. 


Our History

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Our Strategy 

Beyond this Ubiik also provides complete vertical solutions for the smart factory, smart city and smart metering applications and has customers in over 20 countries around the world. Ubiik is positioned as a brand company. Through its own brand, it cooperates with partners and system integrators in Taiwan and globally.


As Ubiik, our goal is to continue to develop innovative technology solutions towards the goal of becoming the world’s leading IoT enterprise!


Join us on this journey, and together, let’s aim for a smarter and more sustainable world.



IEEE & Plug and Play Industry 4.0

Startup Pitch Best Start-Up Award

AWS Cloud Challenge Winner


AWS Cloud Challenge Winner


COMPUTEX Best Choice Award 
AI & IoT Category

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