4.2" NFC ePaper tag

Go Paperless

Fully graphic 4.2" ePaper tag that can be wirelessly updated via NFC. Off-the-shelf NFC readers and NFC enabled android smartphones can be used to update the content of the NFC ePaper screen. 

neil_420_up_Z_nobg copy
neil_420_up_Z_nobg copy

neil_420_side_Y_nobg copy
neil_420_side_Y_nobg copy

neil_420_front_nobg copy
neil_420_front_nobg copy

neil_420_up_Z_nobg copy
neil_420_up_Z_nobg copy


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Physical Specification                          

Dimension (H x W x T)              84 x 100 x 12 (mm)

E-paper Screen                          84 x 63 (mm)

Pixel                                             120 Dpi

Materials                                     Polycarbonate


Environmental Specification   

Operating Temperature            0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)

Storage Temperature                -25 to 70°C (-13 to 158°F)


Electronic Specification

Battery Life                              Over 5 years (3 updates /day)

Communication Standards      ISO/IEC 18000-6 Type C