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Connecting Business

Needs with AMI

Ubiik's Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) gives you new wireless tools to simplify your business

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We simplify field data collection, management and analytics for your meters and sensors

Ubiik simplifies the complexity of implementing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Solutions or other Turnkey IoT Solutions. We offer full vertical solutions from the field to the cloud. Our turnkey RF communication systems and backend systems give you the power to understand electricity usage and other field data. Do you want to improve the efficiency for your business?

Find out about our tools and services.

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Taiwan Electric Utilities

310,000 + Smart Meters Deployed. 12 million more expected over the next decade.

Ubiik is Implementing a National Smart Grid
and Related AMI in Taiwan. We help utility companies transition to smart systems by providing Long Range wireless communication infrastructure and cloud data management and analytics services.

Semiconductor Fabrication

Reducing the error and time required in changing process steps from 1 week to 1 hour.

Ubiik provides asset tracking and energy monitoring technologies for facilities in Europe and Japan. We help our semiconductor customers transition to paperless solutions for tracking industrial process steps for their Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). We help with monitoring and analytics of energy consumption of each process step. 

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Feel secure with your AMI
or IoT Solutions

Our technology is based on a secure, reliable,
long range, massively scalable, 
low power wide
area network (LPWAN)
wireless technology
called Weightless. We provide an open standard technology with firmware-over-the-air (FOTA)
that competes with and often exceeds other industry standard technologies. Evaluate our technology with
our starter kit here. 

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Customized solutions for your needs with our products

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We help you figure out the best way to implement your AMI and IoT networks. From the edge all the way to the cloud, we provide end devices to connect to sensors on the field, base stations to aggregate your data, backend services to manage and analyze data and front end interfaces to visualize and maintain your network. 

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Discover more about our technology

Explore our tutorials, demos, videos, datasheets, articles and white papers. Discover more about how our technology works and what it can offer you. Download our software and get connected to
the cloud.  

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Work with a company you can trust

We are a fast-growing international startup with offices in Taiwan, Japan and the United States. As qualified vendors, we’ve deployed over 300,000 smart meters and expect to deploy another 3 million in the next six years. When it comes to large-scale AMI & IoT solutions you are in good hands.

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